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How to get the GPS position

The BGAN units all require a valid GPS fix in order to gain access to the Inmarsat network. In most cases, leaving the unit outside for up to 5 minutes should allow the unit to gain a GPS fix successfully. However, due to many factors the unit may be unable to do this.

To position the unit in the best place possible, please try to use the following steps as a guide:

Place the unit outside- The UT will not be able to gain a GPS fix through a window or when inside a building or similar structure (For example, a tent)

Place the unit as far away from obstructions as possible- The GPS system requires 2 or more (depending on the UT that you are using) GPS satellites to be available to gain a fix. Tall buildings, trees or similar obstructions will hinder the UT's ability to gain a fix. Place the unit as far away from any obstructions as possible

Position the unit in an optimal stance for a GPS aquisition- Most units have a state in which they will gain a GPS fix more effieicently. For example, the HNS 9101 Regional BGAN unit will gain a GPS fix more efficiently when the signal antenna lid is shut. For information on each individual model, please refer to the user manual

Do not put the unit on a car roof or similar metal object- Metal objects can cause issues with gaining GPS positions

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