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How to enter the PIN code

To enter the PIN code using the display and keypad, complete the following:

When you are asked for a PIN code, press OK.
Press up or down a number of times until the first digit is correct.
Press OK to go to the next digit. When OK is pressed, the previous digit is indicated by a *. To correct an entered digit, press C to go back and use the up and down buttons again.
After entering the last digit with OK, press OK again to apply the PIN code.

Except for the BGAN 510:

To enter the SIM PIN with the BGAN 510

If your SIM card requires a PIN and the PIN has
not yet been entered, you must enter it before
you can make calls or access the Internet.
Until you have entered the PIN you cannot access
the network, but you can still configure your terminal.

To enter the PIN, do as follows:

  1. Access the web interface.
    If the terminal needs a PIN, a popup window tells you to enter PIN.
  2. Type in your PIN and click

    When pointing is completed and the correct PIN
    is entered, you are ready to make calls or
    access the Internet.

    To cancel the SIM PIN with the BGAN 510

    If you select
    when you are asked for a PIN, you
    can use the web interface as normal,
    but you will not be able to access the network to make calls or data sessions.
    Only emergency
    calls will be possible, and only if the network allows it.

    To enter the PIN later
    , after cancelling the first time, do as follows:

  3. From the icon bar at the top, click inline-image

    list opens.
  4. Click
    next to
    Enter PIN for BGAN
    Enter PIN for cellular modem
  5. Type in your PIN and click

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