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How To Factory Reset Hughes Modem

1.Attach Ethernet cable to the rear of the modem (port 1 or 2, doesn’t matter which one) and attach the other end to your computer.

2. Open up Command prompt (CMD) on your computer and type the following ‘telnet 1953’ and press enter


3. At the YahClick HN9*** VSAT page type; ‘rf’ and press enter


4.At this time the modem will start to deleting all the saved files on the modem, once this is finished the last line of text will say ‘connection to host lost’ at this point all the LED’s on the modem will go out except the LAN LED and the power LED will start to blink on and off. This should mean the modem has been successfully reset to factory settings.


5. An engineer now needs to be present on site to re-engineer the link again.
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