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Iridium 9555/9575 PhoneBook

There is two PhoneBook lists, one in the Phone and the other in the SIM card:

Please note that you can't use the SIM phonebook.


To access the phonebook, you need to open the menu, my Phonebook.
You will have access to every created contacts.

Select the contact you want to call or send an SMS to and select Options. Select Call or SMS as required. You can also edit, delete or create a new contacts.
You can also add notes about your contacts. You are limited to 60 characters.

Keep in mind that you are limited to a maximum if 100 contacts in your device.

Phonebook management Software

Iridium published a software to manage the phone Phonebook with a computer.
This Software allows to import/export the phonebook in CSV format. Iridium recommand not to use EXCEL with the CSV. The notepad is recommended instead.
The software (and usb drivers for 9555) can be found here:

Download it, unzip it and launch it. Then follow the instructions. If necessary don't hesitate to install the device USB drivers.
The USB drivers for Iridium 9575 can be found here:

CSV Format

The titles are as following (1st line):
Name, Home, Work, Mobile, Other, Email, Notes

Each new line will be a new user. The "," separate the components. For exemple:
Name, Home, Work, Mobile, Other, Email, Notes
IEC TELECOM EUROPE,CERGY,+33140170803,,+33140170805,,

You can't use Windows notepad to prepare the new contacts to add to your phone and then add them from nothing.
You need to have a phonebook file imported from an Iridium phone first.

Software Usage

If you want to copy the data from your computer to the phone at the step COPY FROM HANDSET, select CSV file and browse to your file.
Then select next. Otherwhise just follow the software instructions.

Select Iridium 9555, next, then you are on the EDIT PHONEBOOK.
You can add new contacts here directly. Then follow the instructions and reboot your phone when you have finished.

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