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Satsleeve and Phones

How can I receive calls when the smartphone is not docked and paired?

The main unit of the Thuraya SatSleeve has a vibration alert to indicate incoming calls. You can accept incoming calls using the SOS button and you can even make a call without your smartphone docked in the Thuraya SatSleeve because the main unit has a microphone and speaker. To end any calls, press the SOS button again.

How can I receive incoming calls when the smartphone is docked and paired but the App is not open?

The main unit of the Thuraya SatSleeve will have a vibration alert to indicate incoming calls. All you have to do is open the App and then accept the call.

Do I have to pair the Thuraya SatSleeve with the smartphone every time I switch them on?

Normally the units have only to be paired one time, the units will then pair automatically the next time.

Can I connect multiple smartphones to the Thuraya SatSleeve in parallel?

No, only one unit can be connected at a time.

Can I do a data session in parallel with a voice call?

No, only a voice call or a data session at a time can be established.

Can I use the data mode of the SatSleeve without being paired via Bluetooth?

No, in order to access the SatSleeve App on the smartphone you need to be paired via Bluetooth.

What happens if I am on a satellite call and there is an incoming GSM call?

When this happens, your satellite call will be disconnected.

Can I charge my smartphone from the SatSleeve battery?

The SatSleeve for iPhone can be used as a backup battery charger for the iPhone. The charging function is not available on the SatSleeve for Android due to the larger form factor of the smartphone.

Please note that the iPhone charging function from the SatSleeve is not available during active calls or data usage.

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