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Iridium MAIL and WEB is a an application compressing your data in order to send and receive email and browse the internet.

In order to use this application you need to register on Iridium Website on the following url:

This application can be found in the Appstore and Playstore for iPhone and Android for smartphone.
You will also need to install XWeb Satellite Web Browser.

A version for mac and pc is also available:

• (Mac) :

• (Windows) :

Using the App - 1st time

In order to use the app you first need to be connected on your Iridium GO Wlan Network.
Then you can start IRIDIUM MAIL AND WEB.

The app will ask you for the loin and password you created on the Iridium Website.

They will then ask you what are the modem parameter. Press autodetect router. Then press save.

Using the App - Connection

You first need to press connection in order to initiate the web connection of your device.

Press the PRESS HERE FOR CONNECTION STATE until the circle is green as in the picture below.


You can go back on the home menu and then press the MAIL button or the WEB button.

Using the APP - WEB

When you press WEB the app XWEB is launched. It may ask you a login and password. It's the one you created with your Iridium account..

You can then enter the url of the website you want to browse.

When you have finished close XWEB. Don't forget to close the CONNEXION in the MAIL AND WEB home menu.

Using the APP - Email

In or der to compose a email press EMAIL.When you have finished press your phone menu button and press SEND.

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